After 15 years experience distributing quality wax products, we identified WaxOne: a new, low-temp wax that delivers the superior results that you’ve come to expect from other leading brands, at a more affordable price. WaxOne’s perfectly balanced formula allows for a thinner application that won’t snap or crack, providing a much improved waxing experience. With products and accessories designed to enhance the waxing experience, WaxOne is rapidly becoming the selection of choice for true value and quality. WaxOne: Wax One Time – Everytime.

Because high-quality wax doesn’t have to be more expensive…just more effective!

  • Superior balanced formula won’t snap or crack
  • Requires thinner applications, improving the waxing experience
  • Affordable pricing making WaxOne the solution you’ve been waiting for

Waxone Hard Wax

2 or more WaxOne 10lb Bags $130 each.


5 or more 4.5″ or 5 or more 6″ Wooden Spatulas $2 each.