After 15 years experience distributing quality wax products, we identified WaxOne: a new, low-temp wax that delivers the superior results that you’ve come to expect from other leading brands, at a more affordable price. WaxOne’s perfectly balanced formula allows for a thinner application that won’t snap or crack, providing a much improved waxing experience. With products and accessories designed to enhance the waxing experience, WaxOne is rapidly becoming the selection of choice for true value and quality. WaxOne: Wax One Time – Everytime.

Because high-quality wax doesn’t have to be more expensive…just more effective!

  • Superior balanced formula won’t snap or crack
  • Requires thinner applications, improving the waxing experience
  • Affordable pricing making WaxOne the solution you’ve been waiting for

Waxone Hard Wax

Our Best Value! Newest formulation hard stripless wax allowing for...
Newest formulation hard stripless wax allowing for efficient, gentle waxing...
Hard wax is applied thicker than soft wax and removed...