Developed by Altair Instruments, the DiamondTome product offerings are changing skin exfoliation and microdermabrasion for the better. These products are all developed in the United States and allow for crystal free skin exfoliation, improving the health and well being of your client. We provide an extensive selection from exfoliating machines to hydrawands, so that you can provide the best possible experience for your clients.

Combo HEPA Filter-0
The F4001 HEPA Filter is considered "limited use" and it...
DiamondTome T2000 Tube Set-0
Description: Includes the following: One (1) Tubing Fifty (50) Single...
Accessory Replacement Kit-0
Accessory Replacement Kit Includes: 2 T2000 Tube Sets w/50 Single...

Diamondtome Wands

DT125 Coarse Wand-0
Flat Tip Coarse Polished Wand
DT100 Med. Wand-0
Flat Tip Medium Polished Wand
DT75 Fine Wand-0
Flat Tip Fine Polished Wand
DN125 Coarse Wand-0
Round Tip Coarse Polished Wand
DN100 Med. Round Wand-0
Round Tip Medium Polished Wand
DN75 Fine Round Wand-0
Round Tip Fine Polished Wand

Dt2 Skin Resurfacing System

DT2 Skin Resurfacing System-0
Own for as little as $345/mo! Financing Available! Click for...

New Apeel

Own for as little as $240/mo! Financing Available! Click for...

New Apeel PEtite

NewApeel® Petite-0
The NewApeel® Petite Exfoliation System embodies what imitators could only...