Berodin and its advanced polymer formula allows for a gentle yet strong removal of hair. This low temperature formula gives improved flexibility all while being less sticky than typical hard waxes. Being one of the top waxes on the market, we offer both hard and soft wax, warmers, and other accessories including spatulas and collars, to provide an efficient and effective encounter for you and your clients.


Berodin® Blue Hard Wax 10 lb Refill Bag O Beads-0
Hard Wax no Strips 10 lb Refill Bag O Beads...
Hard Wax with no Strips 10 lb Bucket O Beads
Berodin® Blue Hard Wax 500 gm Refill Bag O Beads-0
Hard Wax with no Strips 500 gm Bag Refill Beads


Berodin Aquamarine Tin-0
clear soft wax 400 gram tin

Pre and post care

Anti-redness treatment
exfoliation set
A lightweight gel specifically designed to control blemishes from waxing....
A blend of lavender, mandarin and peppermint oils to calm...
Berodin Jasmine Oil 500 ml-0
Used under all Berodin® waxes. Creates a protective barrier, preparing...
Berodin Lavender Lotion -0
This lightly fragrant, gentle, non stripping lotion pre-cleans underarms and...


Wax Off Equipment Cleaner-0
An all natural product that removes wax from equipment. 16oz
Berodin Large Plastic Spatula-0
For fast efficient waxing, this hard, nonporous plastic tool will...


A complete Berins® package to set up a wax station...